Not Weed CBD didn’t start off as a company, per se.

Like so many of the most important missions do, our journey began with the founders’ mission to get well and reduce anxiety and stress. Here’s the story directly from our Founders, Bobby Neydawood and Jimmy O. Yang.

Bobby Neydawood: “I have Crohn’s disease so I was looking for something that can help with stomach pain.  

I also had back pain as a result of years of weight training. In looking into pain management, I came across CBD.While taking CBD, I found I had far fewer symptoms and less stomach pain and less back pain. My personal experience made me realize CBD could help people with all sorts of health challenges. ”

 Jimmy O. Yang:  “As an actor and a comedian, I had to deal with the stress and anxiety associated with my schedule. CBD has helped me stay calm and collected. With CBD, I felt more relaxed and less anxious. It’s also the perfect sleep aid, especially with my erratic shooting schedules. I don’t feel groggy the next day.  I’m alert and ready to go. ”

Once they became aware of all the health benefits that CBD had to offer, Bobby and Jimmy set out on their mission – To create the most effective and best tasting CBD products on the market – Not Weed.



Fast forward to the present day and our mission hasn’t changed one bit. Still to this day, we strive to brighten your life with a daily dose of hemp’s finest. All our products are sourced organically, grown right here in the USA and THC free. This is a level of quality that you can trust.

With the careful attention and time that we devote to producing such a superlative CBD oil, we hope to make your journey with hemp as helpful as possible. It’s not weed — it’s just freedom from pain, so you can feel like your best self.



There’s another important part of our mission - simplicity. We make sure that our CBD is as easy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle as possible. Aren’t there enough generic, monotone CBD brands out there already? We agree. This is why we promise to keep things fun and interesting - because we know that if taking CBD becomes an enjoyable experience, you’re much more likely to stick with it.



Our products are truly premium. They’re THC-free, made in the USA, and extracted with pure CO2. They’re also certified vegan and 100% non-GMO.

We value transparency and trust. This is why all of our products undergo the strictest third-party lab-testing before being made available to you. If you'd like to see our lab certificates for yourself, you can — just click here

We value customer convenience. We offer free shipping on all orders, plus 24/7 customer support. We’ve also made it our mission to educate our customers and empower them to become knowledgeable and use CBD themselves. Finally, new customers can try our CBD 100% risk-free! If you’re ready to invest in your health and be your best self, there has never been a better time than now.

Here’s to your health! 


Bobby Neydawood and Jimmy O. Yang

Cofounders, NotWeed CBD